ARTC Safeworking Level 1 (Traffic Officer)

Course Code:

ARTC Safeworking Level 1 (Traffic Officer)

Course Description:

Nationally accredited training with a Statement of Attainment issued from TLI32715 Certificate ll in Track Protection from the Transport and Logistics training package.

This course is for the ARTC Network only.

Safeworking Level 1 course includes, but not limited to:

  • ARTC Vision and Values
  • Risk Management Process
  • Operating ground frames
  • Identifying and respond signals and trackside signs
  • Transfer track vehicles/work trains
  • Operating on an authority of a Special Proceed Authority (SPA)
  • Compiling of all required documentation
  • Reporting and responding to conditions affecting the Network


Safeworking Level 1 theory only: $900

Safeworking Level 1 RTO Led Practical Training: Price on Application

*Please see 'Assessment/Competency Pathway - Stage 2' for further information.

Final Competency Assessment: $400


Safeworking Level 1 theory only: 4 consecutive business days

Safeworking Level 1 Practical RTO Led Course: 4 days

On-Job Workbook: Minimum 80 hours

Final Competency Assessment: 1 day


7.15am start to approx. 4.00pm


Please contact our office for next course dates and availability on 02 9708 5980 or email;


  • Must be a qualified ARTC Handsignaller Level 2
  • Must have completed the RIW course (TLIF2080 Safely access the rail corridor)
  • White Card (CPCCWHS1001)
  • Category 1 Medical
  • Must be able to read, write and communicate well in English

Age Requirements

Individual must be over the age of 18 years old

Dress Requirements

Theory Course only

  • Plain and casual dress code
  • Enclosed shoes only
  • No singlets or thongs

<Practical Component

  • Full ARTC approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)



SCCRT Training Centre

Unit 2/4 Brunker Road, Chullora NSW 2190

NB: Courses can be delivered at client's premise however they require adequate training facilities and minimum numbers of 8 people. Please contact our office for this enquiry.


Free, all day parking is available around the building complex


Payment can be made on the first day of training by Eftpos, cash (exact amount) or direct deposit

Assessment/Competency Pathway

Participants will be required to pass Theory, Practical Assessments (incl On Job Workbook Training) and Final Competency Assessments to achieve a competent outcome.

The journey to becoming a qualified Safeworking Level 1 is undertaken in stages, often referred to as 'blended delivery' via the following methods:

Stage 1:

Classroom theory training (off-job assessment): Consists of in-class face to face training with a qualified Trainer/Assessor which gives insight and provides instruction on how to assess risk, role of a Safeworking Level 1, source and interpret information, transfer track machines, understand commands/instructions, in accordance with the ARTC Network Rules and Procedures. You will be required to successfully complete Written Assessments prior to commencing Stage 2.

Stage 2:

Practical Training: Practical Training can be completed two ways;

  • RTO Led Practical Training
  • Under supervision from a competent person/mentor (SWL1 or higher)

RTO Led Practical Training (4 days): This is a structured practical application of the theory training and undertaken either a controlled environment or "in-field" on the ARTC Network.


Under supervision of a component person/mentor. A qualified person conducts this component of the practical workbook training however, the workbook must be validated SCCRT prior to issue of the On-Job Workbook (OJWB).

Stage 3:

On-Job Workbook (OJWB). After successfully completing the Theory and Practical assessments, you will be issued with an OJWB, which covers the practical requirements of each PO level. This component must be supervised by a competent Safeworking Level 1. Often referred to as safeworking subject matter experts (SME's)/mentors, they provide instruction and demonstration relating to the activities/tasks outlined in the OJWB, which allows the learner to have real time experience, gained from exposure to 'live' operational situations whilst undertaking the role of a Safeworking Level 1, and 'signed off', attesting you have met the requirements to attempt a Final Competency Assessment.

Stage 4:

Final Competency Assessment: On successful completion and validation of the OJWB by SCCRT, a Final Competency Assessment needs to be undertaken, one on one, with a qualified SCCRT Trainer and Assessor, which confirms underpinning knowledge required to be deemed competent to perform the role of Safeworking Level 1 on the ARTC NSW Network.

On Job Training

To assist you with completing the on-job workbook component, there is several specialised companies, pre-approved to provide safeworking services to ARTC. These companies may be able to assist you in completing your On-Job Workbook training, however the length and duration of your training is governed by the safeworking company/mentor, not SCCRT. Please ensure you are completely aware of the specific requirements and processes of your On-Job company/mentor prior to enrolling into the course.

Note: You will need to disclose to SCCRT your On-Job company/mentor prior to enrolling into the course.

Please contact our office for further information on these companies.


On successful completion of the off job (theory) training and assessment, a Certificate of Partial Completion will be issued confirming partial completion of the course.

Upon successful completion of all four (4) components (theory course, Practical Assessment, On-Job Workbook and Final Competency Assessment), successful validation of your supporting evidence, you will receive a Statement of Attainment recognising completion of the following units:

  • TLIC0084 Access rail track to travel track vehicles under manual block working conditions
  • TLIF3058 Apply safeworking rules and regulations to rail functions
  • TLIW3026 Operate stand alone signalling points control equipment
  • TLIC2078 Identify and respond to signal and signs


Due to the safety critical nature of a Safeworking Level 1 role, you will need to undertake a recertification every two (2) years, which confirms and retains knowledge and currency.

Enrolment Please call reception on 9708 5980 or email
or click on the online Enrolment links below:
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